Everybody Needs Family.

We all long for a place at the table that allows us to be accepted where we are, and approves of us moving forward and becoming even more.


At Calvary Angier, that’s the culture we work to provide. One of full acceptance, warmth, and safety that will also surround you with the strength and encouragement to continue on your journey forward.


Christ came to this earth to give us full, amazing life and we want to help you get there! We want you to thrive. At Calvary, we want to be a place where you can Find Jesus, Find Belonging, and Find Growth – walking alongside each other as we seek to be who we were created to be.


Your seat is saved, your place is set at the table, and we hope you feel at home here. Feel free to give us a call if there’s anything we can do to serve you as you seek Him.
What can I expect in a worship service? -A typical service consists of music (you’ll hear some hymns as well as something you probably heard on your drive to work), at times communion, and a message from Pastor Webb or Amanda.
How long does a typical service last? -We begin at 11:00 and are usually done around 12:00, give or take a few minutes.
How should I dress? -We have a wide variety in our congregation, from suits to jeans. Come how you’re most comfortable!
What do you believe? -We believe in the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), that the Bible is infallible, the Holy Spirit is active in our lives, and each believer has a specific role to play! For a full list of our doctrines, visit and click on “Beliefs”.